NAVEED AFSHAR, a young man, self-taught fashion talent from humble beginnings experienced the beauty of luxurious textiles and embroidering as a mother designed couture garments for the wealthy elite. These visions of elegance and style as a young man inspired his dream create NÅVĒ  The couture luxuries for international woman.


The inspiration for NÅVĒ deepened as Naveed travelled the Mecca of Europe: Milan, where the riches of design enlightened his soul and defined the framework for his couture luxuries.

His further curiosity guided him to his final destination Scandinavia where his first collection was born.

The first collection symbolizes a unique design for the statuesque 'Scandinavian' beauty. It is a collection of great craftsmanship and accessories detailing subtle pale leather and embroidered jewels to represent Scandinavian alabaster skin and captivating blue eyes.



NÅVĒ The brand embodies a collage of experiences through Naveed's life and travels; each design created under the NÅVĒ brand will creatively express his evolving vision of couture fashion for the international woman.

Dedicated with love and admiration to his amazing mother Shahida for her strength, drive and co.